Bootcamp is a software package Apple provides with each Mac OS X version. Bootcamp incorporates drivers and foundation software for Apple Mac hardware in Windows platform. You can set up a Windows partition from Mac using Bootcamp assistant. The most-recent variant of Bootcamp is 3.2 and is designed to work with Mac OS Snow Leopard. Apple is preparing to distribute Bootcamp 4.0 to in order to allow users install and dual boot Windows with the upcoming OS X Lion.

You can download Bootcamp 4.0 from the OS X Lion interface. Find the Bootcamp Assistant using Spotlight search (Or from Application folder>Utilities>Bootcamp Assistant) and open the app from the list. Click on continue and in the next window, select to download “Windows Support Software for this Mac” or Bootcamp 4.0, which is around 650MB in size. At the end, it will show option burn the file into to a CD or DVD.

In the next step, choose the required size of the Windows installation using the slider. Keep a minimum of 20GB for the partition and also note down its name and size. Now insert a genuine Windows 7 DVD and start installation.

Update: You may download latest bootcamp drivers 5 directly from Apple, here.

Windows 7 setup will load files and after sometime it will list the available disk partitions. Pick Bootcamp and click on the Drive Options (check below) and then format it. Now continue Windows installation on this partition.
Bootcamp 4.0
Insert the Bootcamp 4.0 CD after completion. Open up Windows Explorer and browse through the disk, and execute setup.exe inside the Bootcamp folder. The application will install Graphics, sound and other system drivers (for Intel iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) and necessary software for Apple trackpad, Bluetooth, Magic mouse and other peripherals. Restart the system after installation. Upon start, press the Option key (alt) firmly for a few seconds. The bootloader will show the Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7 dual boot options.

Installing OS X Lion 10.7 above Snow Leopard 10.6.8 will not delete your existing Bootcamp partition. As shown in the screenshot, after installation you will get Mac OS X, Recovery HD and Bootcamp options. But I recommend you to take backup and I won’t be responsible for any loss.

Update: Like the new versions of macOS requires USB drive for creating offline installer, the bootcamp downloader no longer supports DVDs.


  1. arnolduzzz

    Let’s be clear here.

    – Apple only gives away new version drivers with the original OS X CD’s, if you want to download it, you will need to do it illegally.

    – An update for 3.0 is available (3.1, 3.2 and 3.3) on the Apple website.

    – 4.0 is NOT downloadable.

  2. Same problem for me, my boot camp is already running on my MAC OS X lion and when I start to run bootcamp assistant again the option doesn’t appears, I bought my computer in china and maybe I have been cheated but there is no CD for MAC OS X Lion and not CD boot camp. knowing that I don’t have other CD to install the OS X lion system on my computer, I don’t wanna loose of my private information. Please I need some help!!!! and hope that someone can tell me how to download bootcamp 4.0 from on the mac system and if someone know where to download drivers for windows 7 it would be really helpful. According to the fact that I don’t have driver to get internet with the windows system and can only use the mac system for the moment.

  3. If only there were more clever people like you!

  4. Hi. I have Bootcamp allready running on my Mac. I want the bootcamp 4 drivers but how do I get the download option. If I run bootcamp assistant again the option is to remove current partition, download for support software does not appear unless you are doing clean install.

    I dont want to loose current bootcamp instalation. any ideas on how to get the option to download bootcamp support drivers again? or how to get a download link for bootcamp 4 from apple?


  5. Satish Mishra


    I installed xp sp3 in my 1st partition after that i installed windows8 & after that i am not able to choose OS during the system boot process. How can i make it dual os while OS’s in different partitions.

    Thanks in advance.
    Please advice.

    Satish K Mishra

  6. Ashok Saini

    If I install the new OSX Lion, I will lost my current Bootcamp partition??

  7. Sry, pls delete the previous comment, just read the article again thoroughly and found out that you can download the files by just running bootcamp
    Thanks Switha

  8. Hi,
    I installed bootcamp with snow leopard, and now I upgraded to lion. Everything works fine, can get into windows, but I’m on bootcamp 3.3 and can’t find anyplace to get the bootcamp 4.0 drivers. Any help?
    Thanks Switha

  9. And if i want to install Parallel on Win 7. Is Parallel 6 is supporting Mac OSX lion? Pls reply.

  10. I have also installed windows 7 on MacBook Pro 13″ preinstalled Mac OSX Lion. I have lost my Cds . Pls confirm how to install the bootcamp drivers.

  11. hi sir..i bought a new macbok pro 2011 recently with lion os preinstalled..i lost the cps….now i installed windows 7…… to install my drivers

  12. Xcalibur

    Be careful – under some conditions OSX Lion has a bug that completely corrupts your ‘Bootcamp’ partitions. In my case, i upgraded OSX Lion and it wrote it’s new 600Mb ‘restore’ partition over the start of my Windows partition! I believe the bug is caused when all allowable primary partitions (a HD can have only 4 primary partitions) are already used.

    As the poster said, make sure you backup your Windows partitions first as this problem has been reported by a number of users online

  13. I have a 24″ early 2008 iMac triple booting Mac OS X Lion, Windows 7, and Ubuntu Linux 11.04. I would like to know how I would be able to upgrade to Boot Camp 4.0 as Boot Camp assistant no longer works due to the fact that I’m working with 3 partitions. Second question is why has Apple made this so difficult. I hate to hack but it seems more and more I’m forced to “be creative” in order to be productive. As of yet, I haven’t upgraded my mid 2010 MacBook Pro to Lion so I still have some flexibility with Rosetta apps and can extract the necessary files from the “Install Mac OS X Lion” application on my HD if someone can point me in the right direction.

  14. I did successfully use to bootcamp update to fix my pre-Lion WIndows 7 64 bit bootcamp. I ran it on the Mac side just far enough to burn the Windows tools to a DVD. This also fixed my Mac Preferences start-up disc so that the Windows Bootcamp option was restored. Then I rebooted into windows, installed the Bootcamp 4.0 from the DVD and all is well. My VMWare got a bit messed up, I had to delete it and re-import the Bootcamp to make it happy again. This was my toughest Mac OS X update so far!

  15. I have a mid-2009 Macbook Pro which was triple booted with Snow Leopard, Win7 x64 and Ubuntu, using reFit as the boot manager. Updated to Lion and, much to my relief and surprise, the install went smoothly and both the Wndows and Ubuntu OSes are working just fine. No corruption or data loss.
    Btw, I had not bothered with Bootcamp Assistant. Just fire up Disk Utility and create the partitions as per your liking, using FAT32. If you are triple booting, just make sure you install Win7 to the last partition.
    I had upgraded to a 500GB HDD and used around 360GB for the original HFS+ partition, around 100GB for Win7 and the remaining for Ubuntu. Incidentally, I also updated Ubuntu to the latest version and that too went off well, without messing up the partition schema.
    But now I feel I have run out of luck and so seeking advice here – what is new in Bootcamp 4? Is it worth the 650mb download? Have you noticed any performance improvements? Can I simply open the downloaded image and selectively update the drivers? Which Nvidia driver does it have – Bootcamp 3.2 comes with a dated graphics driver (v192 or something like that). Does 4.0 use a newer one? Which other areas are improved?
    I also have a 2010 Mac Mini, and currently I am wondering if I should install Win7 in a separate partition or use it through VMware/ Parallels or Virtualbox… Any suggestions? The Mini was my HTPC and I had my QNAP Nas, couple of 2TB NTFS-formatted HDDs, etc connected to it. Everything was controlled from my Android phones and tablets using VNC, and media was streamed via Samba shares. Unfortunately, Lion turned out to be horribly buggy on the networking front. The shares don’t show up on the LAN, VNC does not work from Android clients, NFS mounting throws up kernel errors, Teamviewer keeps crashing, RealVNC throws up a black screen… has been driving me crazy. In effect, my Mini has acquired a wall around it and refuses to communicate with the outside world! All these are known issues and I am hoping fixes are released soon.
    Anyway, will be using Win7 on the Mini as a stopgap. Do you think it will work fine (stuff like VNC, NFS, Samba) even in a virtual environment? Or am I better off putting Windows in a separate partition?
    Thanks! And sorry about the rambling mail.

  16. Admin

    Hello Carol, thanks for your questions.

    1. You can download Bootcamp drivers version 4.0 using the Bootcamp assistant app in Lion.

    2. For me, it worked well. After upgrade my bootcamp partition remained the same.

    3. Yes, there is an option to choose start up disk from System Preference in Lion.

    4. Almost all apps are compatible with Lion. Unfortunately, Winclone that you might have used to backup bootcamp partition in Snow Leopard doesn’t support Lion. Otherwise we could have used it to backup Windows.

    5. Apps, settings and files in Snow Leopard will not get altered when you upgrade it to Lion. However, take care of your Windows 7 files. I’m not confident about it as some of the users are reporting issues.

  17. I’m using 10.6.8 now, intel core 2 duo, macbook.

    I would like to know:

    1) Is bootcamp include in Lion OS X?

    2) Currently, I have a partition for my Windows 7. Will the partition still be here after installing Lion?

    3) Can I still choose the startup disk (under System Preferences) after installing Lion?

    4) What are the major applications which are not compatible with Lion?

    5) Do I have to reinstall softwares/apps on Lion and Windows 7?

    P.S. I have left the discs which came with my MacBook and the Windows 7 disc in another country. Will this be an issue for installing Lion?

    Thanks a lot >.<

  18. I just did a clean installation of Lion and now am trying to do a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. After downlading support software and partitioning harddrive, the next step is to insert disk and start installation. After selecting start installation, my computer reboots like it normally would during the installation. Instead of starting installation, the Apple logo comes up and does nothing. The Apple logo and a circle with slash through it flickers back and forth. Nothing else happens until I reboot.

    Also, I’ve tried rebooting while selecting option command. The Windows disk comes up and I select it. It does one screen of Loading Files with progress bar at the bottom quite quickly, then a second Loading Files screen with progress bar at the bottom that takes about two minutes to get done. I’ve let it set for hours, but it will not leave the screen.

    I hope someone can help. Apple support can’t help and nothing is online for support.

  19. Leonard_koeh

    i do successfully install the MAC Lion to replace my MAC Tiger, and i had installed the Windows7 bootcamp as well, but unfortunately my driver not work@@!?… anyone have the windows 64bits DRIVER for Mac Lion on model macbook white year 2007 mid year…..

  20. Admin

    Winclone was working fine in Snow Leopard and old versions of Mac OS X. But you cannot restore Winclone bootcamp image in Lion as it does not support the OS.

  21. Admin

    Sorry folks. I think I made a mistake here. I was using a beta version of Lion and worked well for me. Please take a backup of bootcamp partition before installing. In case if you are affected, try to repair bootcamp using a Windows disc.

  22. I had the same problems on my 2010 – iMac Alu. 21.5″ I re-installed Bootcamp (4.0) with W7 x86 en everything works fine under Lion

  23. Benjamin

    Coincidentally my name is also Benjamin.

    I installed windows 7 under Snow leopard but despite me using bootcamp, I reformatted the partitions since bootcamp made 2 other useless partitions that cost me a lot of storage space for no apparent reason plus the one it made for me was not formatted correctly according to the Windows setup. I erased all three and made a new formatted one.

    Windows 7 installed just fine but if I wanted to boot up I had to hold the option (alt) key at boot-up to see both my Mac and Windows 7 partition. Everything worked just fine and bootcamp under windows 7 worked just fine as well.

    Now that I installed Mac osx Lion I no longer see my Windows 7 partition. Anything that was important for my studies I have on Dropbox so if all fails I can just reinstall and lose no data. However I am hoping that this is not necessary. I’m not a big fan of having to reinstall my software all the time.

    If anyone has a solution for my problem I would be glad to hear it.

  24. benjamin

    well, I have.

    some more details:

    mac book air 2010 13”; had os x and windows 7 x64 installed using USB stick and rEFIt. worked perfect for nearly one year. today I updated to lion … and the windows partition didn’t work anymore.

    as bootcamp 4 is part of lion, i have it already. however the windows partition seams to be damaged. bad.

  25. Admin

    Make sure that you select Mac OS X journaled for setting up Lion. It showed Bootcamp HD as locked when I installed Lion. Check the image given below.

    Lion Windows dual boot

  26. Admin

    No issues here. For me it’s showing Mac OS X, Bootcamp and Recovery HD options.

  27. benjamin

    i tried it today an my macbok air and i LOST my windows. i wasn’t able to boot windows 7 any more –> not bootable device …

  28. Admin

    No. Install OS X Lion 10.7, download Bootcamp 4.0 using the Bootcamp utility and burn it to a disc (you will get that option after download). Now open your Windows partition and install the updated drivers.

  29. If I install the new OSX Lion, I will lost my current Bootcamp partition??


  30. User

    No need actually. Lion will get installed just like the normal OS software updates- and your bootcamp partition will remain the same. After Lion upgrade, open the Apple software update application from Windows program files and check for new software. It will download Bootcamp 4 for you.

  31. Silas_the_gaming_freak


    Does anyone know if install Lion will require me to redo my windows partition? It takes SOOOO LONG to install all my windows software I doubt I will bother with Lion if I have to start again.

    Some of us use Macs in Windows 7 mode mostly (work requires it!)

  32. Admin

    Badal you can download the latest drivers using the Bootcamp utility in OS X Lion.

  33. Thanks for the information. Can you please download the Bootcamp 4.0 drivers and upload it in some other website?

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