Last updated on October 17th, 2012

No one can even ponder switching to another mobile/tablet/laptop after using an Apple product for a while. I’ve been using Apple iPhone variants since the launch of 3GS in 2009. There after we saw an immense change in smartphone Eco system. So many mobile companies and operating system have turned up and some faced a setback. Nevertheless, a complete phone means for most of us its iPhone. What makes the iPhone special for me is its formidable design and the robust iOS software it ships with. In the beginning of this week Apple announced an upgrade for the exiting iPhone 4 and is called the iPhone 4S. There aren’t many changes in the external design of the iPhone 4S when you compare it with its predecessor but everything is new inside.

I’m a bit dejected as they didn’t release iPhone 5, but still I should admit the fact that no other phone has a design as good as the iPhone 4. Apple took the best of the iPhone 4, polished it and unleashed the iPhone 4S. A few changes in iPhone 4S are given below.

Dual Core Processor: The iPhone 4S is fitted with Apple A5, a dual-core chipset based on the ARM 9 Cortex framework. The A5 unit which is currently being used in the iPad 2 also has a dual-core PowerVR graphics unit. The processor is clocked at 1GHZ, but it can randomly adjust the clock cycles to improve battery life and speed, and is supported by 512MB of DDR2 RAM. It may appear to you that CPU and RAM specs are bit inferior to that of the latest Android smartphones. However, those who have used an iPhone 4 would easily comprehend the difference. When browsing web pages or plying games, I never noticed a crash or slow down in my iPhone, but I’ve experienced that in my Galaxy Tab, which has almost the same set of specs. So the A5 SoC in the iPhone 4S is more than enough for a 3.5″ device.

A better camera: The new 8MP camera in iPhone 4S is not an upgrade for the sake of some mega pixels. The sensor, lens system, internal algorithms, etc. are things that make pictures perfect and clear-not the Megapixel count. Even a 5 MP camera can produce decent images if the optics is good enough. In iPhone 4S, we get a camera unit that has a bigger aperture and sensor, and the end result is super clarity images and 1080p HD videos. In combination with iOS software 5 its the best iPhone camera system developed yet.

iPhone 4S features

CDMA network support and antenna switching technology: Apple iPhone 4S can operate in CDMA and GSM networks worldwide. The device is designed for a download speed up-to 14.4 mbps on supported GSM networks. However, the maximum CDMA network speed is just about 3.1 mbps, also the CDMA system would not be accessible on factory unlocked iPhone 4S. The intelligent antenna technology employed in iPhone 4S can automatically switch between two antennas, and it is rumored as a fix for the death grip issue that unstabilized the early iPhone 4 models.

Siri application: Siri is an exclusive voice directed private aide included in the iPhone 4S. It’s a actually an iOS app which responds to voice commands with accurate on-screen actions. Siri can be accessed by pressing the home button in iPhone 4S for a few seconds. You can set an alarm, create and reply to messages, play songs, locate hotels, search maps, open web pages and get Wolfram alpha queries answered, all just by speaking to the Siri app.

Apple iPhone 4S is enabled with Bluetooth 4.0, but due to the typical restrictions in the OS, it is unfeasible to use this for third party file transfer and streaming. Overall, feature wise the iPhone 4S hardware is good enough to compete with every other smartphones in the market. I haven’t touched the software facilities of iPhone 4S brought in by iOS 5, and it is the key point that differentiates it from competitors. Features like iCloud, iMesseger, AirPlay, Wireless syncing, standalone device setup, new notifications system, lock screen enhancements, dedicated camera key, etc. will take the already impressive operating system to the next level.

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S price and launch date:

Apple iPhone 4 is now available in India through Airtel and Aircel network, both under their contract schemes. Unlike in US here we don’t get any reduction in the retail price of the phone if we get it from an official carrier, also we have to abide to their special data plans. Therefore, in India, it’s better to go for a factory unlocked iPhone that we can use with any mobile network. Coming back to the iPhone 4S, Apple has announced the prices for unlocked iPhone 4S 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models and will be available from this November.

unlocked iPhone 4S pricing

The official pricing of the unlocked iPhone 4S (in Canadian dollars) is given above. When you convert it into Indian rates, it will be around 30500, 35500 and 40000 INR before taxes. Isn’t that a bit steep? Just apply a simple logic-will you get a Honda City at the price of a Suzuki Swift Dzire? No, premium and quality stuff always costs high and so does the iPhone 4S.

Update on January 2012: Airtel and Aircel have commenced the iPhone 4S sales in India. The prices are totally overrated (44. 5K for 16Gb, 51K for 32GB) and not worth for the features that the phone provides.  The old model iPhone 4 have  been relaunched under 8GB option, that too priced above 35K INR. My friends those who upgraded to iPhone4S bought the handset from eBay. Some eBay shops are selling factory unlocked iPhone 4S 16GB at 41K and 32GB at 46. 5K.