How to activate 5g on iPhone in India

Despite the availability of 5G in India for some time, iPhone users have not been able to enjoy the high-speed network. By the way, Customers using iPhone from iPhone 12 can now activate 5G as they are fully compatible with Airtel and Jio 5G services. The only technical barrier preventing iPhone users from accessing 5G is related to the iOS software on their devices. This article addresses this issue by providing a solution: upgrading the iPhone to the latest iOS version and explaining the specific settings required to turn on 5G in iPhone settings after the update.

How to activate Airtel and Jio 5G on iPhone (India)

To get 5G on your iPhone, your device must have a few hardware and software requirements. As I said earlier, the hardware requirement is having an iPhone 12 or a device released after that. The next thing to do is to be in the coverage area for Airtel and Jio. As of 2023, Airtel and Jio have coverage in more than 100 cities, and you need to be in the specific areas in those cities where 5G towers are available. Now when you have a 5G compatible iPhone, let’s see how to activate the network it from the settings.

  1. Get iPhone 5G update iOS 16.3

    5G for iPhones in India is shipping with iOS 16.3. So we have to get the same from Apple and install it, then only the 5G option will show up in the settings under mobile data. To do that, go to settings> General> Software update. Now you will find the iOS 16.3 update listing under the label, automatic updates, Proceed with installation accepting all formalities. download iOS 5G update 16.3 for India

  2. Locate the 5G option from iPhone settings.

    Once you install the iOS 16.3 update and restart your device, you will find 5G as a choice under the Mobile Data Options settings in iPhone. Get 5G option in iPhonemobile data settings

  3. Activate and turn-on 5G on your iPhone.

    To activate 5G on your iPhone, first navigate to the Mobile Data Options section in the Settings app. From there, select Voice & Data to access 5G-related settings. You will be presented with two choices: 5G ON and 5G Auto.
    By default, your phone may have 4G pre-selected, but you can choose to turn on one of the 5G options instead. If you want to balance battery life and connection speed, it’s recommended to select 5G Auto. On the other hand, if you live far away from the nearest 5G tower, you can choose 5G ON.
    Once you’ve made your selection, a 5G icon will appear on your iPhone to confirm that it has been activated.Activate and enable 5G on iPhone in india

  4. Choose a suitable data mode for iPhone 5G

    If you are using Airtel as your service provider, then you are aware that the 5G data allocation is restricted as per your current prepaid or postpaid plan. However, if you are a Jio customer in India and avail of the welcome offer, then you can access unlimited 5G data. Irrespective of your network provider, you can regulate your iPhone’s 5G data usage by utilising the Data mode settings on your device. The implication of each data mode is given in the following screenshot, so choose wisely. In the ideal condition, I would choose Low Data mode for 5G usage in India.iPhone 5G data mode for Airtel and Jio

That’s how one can enable 5G access on an iPhone in India when they have a compatible phone, along with coverage and necessary software, iOS 16.3.

Why I can’t see 5G symbol on my iPhone even after activation in settings?

It’s possible that your network provider, Airtel or Jio, doesn’t have 5G coverage in your area. To confirm this, you can use a mobile app such as Nperf to check for 5G coverage. Once you’ve confirmed that 5G is available, you can activate the 5G network from your device settings to start using it.

Why I’m not getting 5g on iPhone even after updating to OS 16.3?

It’s important to keep in mind that Jio users need to obtain the welcome offer in order to access the 5G network on their iPhones. You can apply for this offer through the MyJio app and once you receive an invitation, simply turn on 5G in your device’s settings to start using it.

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