Google Plus is a lively news topic in these days. After several flunked efforts to master the social media space, finally Google has come up with a brand-new concept called Plus. Unlike Orkut, Buzz and others, the Google Plus (or G+) is tightly integrated to their other web services like Gmail, Picassa, Blogger, Search, Google Profile, Webmaster tools and even with the Google algorithm that formulates search rankings.

Google Plus app for Mac

Google Plus at present is in a controlled and invite only mode. However, the network crossed some 25 million users, and developers started working on Google Plus projects. Some third party programmers have already launched Google + applications for desktop operating systems like Mac OS X and Windows. I’m currently using a Mac, and I was looking for good standalone Google Plus software so that I don’t need to open the official website while I’m working. Thanks to the developers at Fliplab Ltd for their work on Google Plus app for Mac. Tab for Google + app that I’m talking about is a simple attempt to deliver the basic Google plus features to Mac OS X.

The Google Plus Tab is a free application and is available for download from the Mac app store here.

If you have used Apple Mac store apps like Twitter or FaceboxPro, you might know how the tab integrated apps work. They sit at the top portion of desktop-and when clicked on the icon it pops-out as a window as shown in the screenshot. Google Plus Tab for Mac provides a quick outlook of what going on in your G+ circles and stream. It also has options to view  photos, profile data, send feedback and to get notifications. This app and Google Plus is still in development so you can expect more features soon.

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