Well, I just downloaded the iOS 5.0 IPSW file for my iPhone 4 and did the offline update through iTunes. It didn’t work, and I got a message “The iPhone could not be updated an unknown error occurred (3002). At first, I wondered-my iPhone is not jailbroken or unlocked also I use the latest version of iTunes that is compatible with iOS 5. After testing a few methods, I found a simple way to fix iOS 5 3002 error in iTunes and here is it.

Right now a lot of people are downloading/activating iOS 5.0 at the same time. So the reason for iTunes error 3002 is nothing but the failure in verification of your iPhone/iPod/iPad with Apple servers. You can easily fix this error is buy editing your Windows/Mac host file. Before proceeding to the next setup check whether your iTunes version is 10.5.0, then login to your Apple account and authorize your machine from the store Tab.

Fix iTunes iOS 5.0 restore error 3002 in Mac OS:
Fix iOS 5.0 error 3002 on MacFix iOS 5.0 restore error 3002 in Windows:

iTunes error 3002 windows iOS 5Follow the instruction depending upon your OS type and do it exactly as written. The process will bypass Apple verification for your device and thus it fixes the 3002 error. Now repeat the iOS 5.0 update method in online/offline IPSW restore mode. Whiteman08 has posted a few more methods in the comment section. Check that too!


  1. Guys, i have error 1600 and change 21 , this article was help me out….
    thanks very much :D

  2. Not if it is backed up first. All of mine was restored.

  3. Wait a minute,
    Doesn’t restoring your IPad erase all of it’s data?! Can’t I install iOS 5.0 without formatting my IPad 2?

  4. John Greenleaf-Maple

    Thank you. I tried a lot of other suggestions (had seen many suggestions of shift-update), but as soon as I tried shift restore instead and navigated to ipsw file, it worked like a charm.

  5. the ipsw filename says….. iPod4,1_5.0_9A334_Restore sooo maybe hit restore??? LOL

  6. does using the restore option delete all your info?

  7. Hi!

    Thanks for this post! It helped me out.

    I used the “Option + Restore” method and it worked perfectly.

    Many thanks!

  8. i have this problem i cant update my phone to iOS 5.0 please help me

  9. Clicking restore works for sure…..cheers……waiting for the ipad 2 jailbreak now………. :-)

  10. Hey Thanks, everyone. iTunes prompted for the OS 5.0 upgrade when I connected the device, but it failed at the end with unknown error. How can I restore the iOS 5 to my iPhone the other way? Any help appreciated.

  11. I can also confirm that if you restore it works.

  12. Hi All, my iPhone (iOS v 4.3.5) is Jailbroken with redsn0w 0.9.9b4 (Untethered Jailbreak that requires iOS 4.3.4). Should I hit the restore button and browse to the iOS 5 software? Or it should be restored into 4.3.5, then restored to iOS 5?

    I appreciate if you could give some steps to do so.. I tried to Backup > Restore > Update, the restore gave the 3002 error!

    Thanks in advance.

  13. instead of using update use restore, it works better

  14. whiteman08

    OK, people are getting different errors and among which 3200 and 3002 are most common. I found the following fixes.

    1. Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to iTunes 10.5 in Windows. Enter Apple login credentials and authorize the PC. Now click the Shift key+ Restore button in iTunes, locate and restore the iOS 5.0 file. Do this repeatedly until you get it right.

    2. Run iTunes software with Administrator privileges. That is, right click on iTunes icon and run as administrator. Now download/restore iOS5, and it should work.

    2. Get your iPhone into DFU model and install iOS 5: A good tutorial on entering DFU mode is given in Apple website here.

    3. Update iTunes to version 10.5. Move the contents of the Apple software folder in iTunes directory to desktop. I didn’t try this, but some are recommending this as a fix for 3200 error.

  15. SpeedManiac

    Just use redsn0w 0.9.9b4 to put on dfu mode,and ur host file # gs.apple.com

  16. Goober Jones

    I did that and still get the 3002 error.

  17. Admin

    Then, just press Shift+ Restore Button iTunes> locate the iOS 5 IPSW file and update.

  18. Goober Jones

    My Windows hosts file is empty. Any other ideas?

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