From the past few months, we have been hearing about Windows 8 builds leaking to the internet through file sharing sites, and peer-to peer networks. Most of those Windows 8 copies are corrupted, buggy, and it is illegal to download them. Thanks to the throttled broadband here- I didn’t try any unofficial Windows 8 builds as it might end up in wasting 4-5 GB of my bandwidth, and the wait seems to be worthwhile. Microsoft today uncovered the developer preview of the Windows 8 and promulgated that they will release Windows 8 ISO image as a free download for the public.

Windows 8 UI
What I felt from the Windows 8 introduction video is that the OS interface is a blend of Windows 7 and the Metro style UI that is being used in Windows phone 7. In my opinion, Windows 7 is well enough for our every day computing- its fast, easy to understand and supported by a lot of apps. So do we want another operating system with a totally new UI? Well, Microsoft says yes, and the move is not that unexpected. In view of the tablet revolution, we have seen this year, there is no other way than making a flexible multi-platform OS. Interestingly Windows 8 is conformable with non-touch PCs and even netbooks with Intel Atom processor and at least 1GB of RAM.  Does your computer meet this spec? Go ahead and download Windows 8 developer preview.

Download Windows 8 ISO image

Earlier Microsoft used to release Windows developer builds though MSDN/Technet at first, and then to be public. Thankfully, this time everyone can download Windows 8 ISO-from the official Microsoft website. What you need is to get a Windows Hotmail or Live Mail ID, and then proceed to the link given in the image. Download the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows 8 and use the Windows 7 disk utility to burn that ISO file to a DVD. For this time, it is heard that you have to do a fresh installation. We will share our thoughts on Windows 8, more screenshots and if possible the direct download links, in the morning.
Windows 8 ISO image product key
Update: Windows 8 ISO direct link- Download 32 bit (2.8), 64 bit (3.6GB). After download, use the above given product key to install Windows 8. This is a legal version of Windows 8 which would work until some time in the next year. (source:Microsoft)

The links have been revised with ISO images of Windows 8 Release Preview. The old developer edition was meant for the application developers, to give them a glimpse of the new OS. Ordinary users can now download and test Windows 8 CP. The minimum resolution required to run Windows 8 Metro apps is 1024×76 pixels.


  1. THis is an downloadlink from the microsoft servers -.-

  2. the hacker

    please guys can you give me the best link for downloading windows 8!! i have try for 5 to 6 times to download but i fail, it cut at 55%.

  3. This x64 version gave me error that please ensure that all files r there what can I do? When I download it always stops at 33%.

  4. prashant

    is window 8 can’t be run without touch screen monitor

  5. can some body give me the window 8 comsumer preview product key for 32 bit and 64 bit

  6. Barun Choubey

    Dear Admin,

    Can i install windows 8 (64 Bit) on my laptop having dual core processor with 2 GB RAM 250 GB HD, & Previously working with windows 7 ???,

    Give me the update!!!!!



  7. Hey!! My PC’s Config r:-
    2GB RAM
    320 HDD
    Pentium(R) Dual-Core 2.5 GHz
    Will t work???
    What If i don’t have Live ID?

  8. ronny ron

    HINDI mein comment maar raha hai??! LOL :D

  9. my pc has
    1gb of ram
    pentinum 4 2.20ghz processor
    video card: intel 845g with 64mb of ram
    will it run smothly on my computer… plsssssss tell me.. thnxxxx

  10. yes ofcourse, why not? Microsoft and apple are close friends.

  11. heeehaaaaaa

    r u all mad just go windows 8 just gives u the developer preview not the complete os

  12. Will Windows 8 work in my computer withe the configuration given below?
    Processor- INTEL Pentium 4 HT 3.60 GHZ
    R.A.M.—- 1.24 G.B.
    HDD—— Seagate 160 G.B.

    Querry 1– Is graphics required for this os to run? If required then how much(min.)?

    Querry 2– I can’t find the link on this page for downloading it. Can somebody reply me the address or show me the location?
    Please Help Me Out!

  13. krishna kaushik

    I think this is the most required full version of Windows 8. No activation required.

  14. I am using Intel dual core 2.6 ghz with 2gb ram, I like to install windows 8

  15. my system is i3 2nd gen 3 gb ram hp pavilion g6
    32 bit win 8 will work or not?
    please reply

  16. shyam sudhakar

    hey,when i install their appears that “some thing happened” then stop the installation, plz tell a way to install it

  17. My system configurations are:
    3 gb ddr3 ram
    clock speed: 2399 mhz
    processor: intel core i3 m370 2.40ghz
    existing os: windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

    will the 64-bit version work in virtual box or vmware or virtual pc?

  18. Same things were told when we ported from MS-DOS to Windows early 90, please don’t propagate bad thought you chicken hearten tech fellow

  19. installed Windows 8 in 15 min
    but cant install old apps

  20. hey i have downloaded it and tried to install it. but an error occurs ” Something Happend” Please help me fast

  21. does it need touch screen moniter for this OS reply fast..

  22. can you tell me the official dwnld site url for windows 8

  23. gaurav pandit

    window 8 Spider Solitaire ka game nahi h.

  24. rizwan khan

    it will run if not then call to me i will come as rajni

  25. How much hard disk space this OS needs exactly ??
    windows 7 is 6.2GB
    wat abt win 8?

  26. Dear Admin,
    Thanks for the reply. Request you just look at the screenshot of the Processor Details from this link please let me know whether my PC supports the Windows 8 Developer Preview for 32 BIT. If this is supported, then why am I getting the error message?

    Request your valuable suggestion in this regard.


  27. i hv downloaded 32 bit version from the given link.. but unable to install that on my laptop. m currently using windows 7 on my laptop. but whenever trying to install this one, showing error mentioning that .dll file is corrupt..i think entire episode is loss of time for me….

  28. Admin

    There are 3bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 8. Get CPUZ app (Search Google) and analyze your processor. Then, download Windows from the appropriate link and do a clean installation. It will work.

  29. Friends,

    I have downloaded this ISO twice, 1st time from and the 2nd time from this site. Of course! all the links will lead to microsoft only. But with the 1st ISO, it gave me an error stating that SOMETHING HAPPENED at 33% and the only option is to click on the CANCEL button and the total installation has failed. 2nd time after the installation of 78% it again gave me the error message and again I am forced to click on the CANCEL button and to cancel the total installation.

    BTW, I have directly tried to install on the existing Windows 7 (my OS) ultimate. I have tried the clean installation also but did not work out.

    My system config is. ASUS Mother Board, 2GB of RAM, Intel 2.8ghz Processor with Win7 Ultimate edition OS. Please suggest me for a good installation.


  30. hi…may i know whats d difference between original windows 8 and developer edition of windows 8? and whats d problem i may encounter if i install antivirus on this version?? pls rply….

  31. shamsher ali azad

    my pc has
    3 GB RAM
    250 HDD

  32. Good Mr Hacker. But, which is the best option , i.e., a clean install or an Upgrade ? I am planning to have the total HD formatted and then want to install this.

  33. HI Guys I have downloaded and installed in my laptop its working successfully without any problem. if u r using 32 bit XP or windows 7 the same drivers will work with it. or if u are using 64 bit the same drivers will work.. after installing it will activate automatically that is n0t a trial version, Now its showing the software u installed is Genuine in my laptop. so download and Enjoy

  34. Friends/Admin,
    I am using Windows 7 and just now i started downloading Windows 8 from the Microsoft site itself. My doubt is whether all the softwares like Office2010, Firefox, VLC and all will work on this platform or not ?

  35. hello friends did anyone download windows 8? How is it

  36. Admin

    Windows 8 will support all Windows 7 applications, but this developer version has some issues with antivirus software and tuning utilities. 512MB RAM is ok, but you need at least 1GB of RAM for smooth operation.

  37. Will Windows 8 get installed on my pC with configuration:
    Intel dual core.
    512 Mb Ram
    80 Gb Harddisk
    And are all softwares available for it

  38. how many day of use don’t need key? and are you use window 8 yet ? thz for reply.

  39. Admin

    You don’t need a key to activate this version of Windows 8.

  40. Admin

    No, You will need to reinstall Windows 7.

  41. Thanks for the reply .. but I don’t want Dual boot .. I just want upgrade & rollback.
    Is it possible in this Edition

  42. Admin

    You can dual-boot Windows 8 and Windows 7.

  43. Can I update it on my Windows 7 OS & rollback to Windows 7.
    I just want to experience the performance on my Acer i3 Laptop

  44. Admin

    I used the 32 bit Windows 8 ISO and its working fine.

  45. anyone plz tel me this iso file r work fine……….

    thnx u…

  46. Admin

    Windows 8 Setup will ask for a Live or Hotmail ID during installation. The advantage of using Windows Live with Windows 8 is that you can sync your personal details and app settings, etc. across all computers. There is also an option to set the normal Windows 7 like user accounts.

  47. Ravi Shankar

    Hey Admin,

    Thanks a lot for the link, but wat about the Windows Live ID. If I dont have it, won’t I be able to install the product? Should i make one? Do reply to my queries.

    Ravi Shankar
    Devan India Limited


  49. What is difference between original Windows 8 or developer version of Windows 8.

  50. thanxx ,, works perfectly both 32 n 64 bit versions

  51. Download Windows 8 if you have AIO PC with touch screen. I own a Dell Inspiron One 2305 23″ and its a pure pleasure running Windows 8 on it.

  52. Nothing is impossible, but if u succeed, please let the rest of the world know!

  53. S Ballmer

    I can understand your feelings Mr. OS X user.

  54. OS X user

    Folks this Windows 8 is not going to work. See millions of people are using PCs without touch facility. This is a kind of bad stuff designed only for geeks and not for general users.

  55. ขอบคุณมากมายครับ

  56. Admin

    This is a limited, developer version of Windows 8. You don’t need any activation key or serial number, but the OS will ask for your Windows Live ID during setup. Your hardware configuration is compatible with Windows 8. Download the second one- 64 bit iso image.

  57. is this a full version copy, what about the CD KEY ( not required ?? )
    will this run in my PC
    DDR 2 2GB RAM

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