Last updated on October 16th, 2012

I’ve been using BSNL broadband 4 mbps plan for quite some time now. Since we got a lot of computers and WiFi devices here the bandwidth sharing has become an issue very recently. While looking for a better high speed plan with more bandwidth reserve, I found the BSNL 8 mbps 2799 combo plan. Currently, the top-end broadband speed option available for BSNL home users with ADSL WiFi modem is 8 mbps. They are providing 16 and 24 mbps connections but for that you need a custom telephone line and VDSL broadband modem.

BSNL is charging 2799 INR for this 8 mbps plan, which comes with 60GB of bundled data usage. I picked up the yearly payment option as it does a total discount of 6000 INR in the tariff. Given that a combo plan you get 500 free calls at no extra cost, and additional data usage is charged at 10 paisa per MB. Apart from this BSNL is also offering a dedicated IP address with this connection with which you can host a website or set up a secure VPN easily on your computer. The free IP will be activated upon written request at the BSNL office after 8mbps speed upgrade.

BSNL 8 mbps download speed test:

I did a quick speed test after getting the new broadband plan activated on my line. Although the promised speed is 8 mbps what I get with this connection is around 7 mbps. I live one or two kilometers away from the BSNL telephone exchange so the drop is obvious- but see the upload speed, it’s pitiable. I tested it a few hundred times, but couldn’t manage to get a better value. So if you’re planning to upgrade to BSNL broadband Combo 2799 just for the sake of uploading stuff to the internet, here is my big NO.

BSNL 8 mbps speed testNow the best part of the BSNL 8 mbps plan is given below, the download speed.

BSNL Combo 2799 download speed 8 mbps

I used Internet Download Manger 6 (IDM) to test the download speed of this plan, and I was constantly getting a speed above 1 mbps. That means you download a 4GB file in just one hour. BSNL Broadband Combo 2799 8 mbps works equally well in high-definition online streaming and gaming.